Why a Carbon Wheel?

Today aluminium wheels have replaced around 80% of the steel wheel market with modern designs, better concentricity and a much lower weight. Over time the demands for larger wheels has been evident ( in the early 1990,s 16 inch was considered large on a VW Golf Mk1) today a 19 inch wheel is accepted as normal, but weight being increased.

With its excellent characteristics the highly technical material of “Carbon” has arrived into the automotive industry. “Carbon” is light, strong and flexible.

We at CARBOWHEEL® set ourselves the target of producing the next generation of sports wheel using the new technical material of “Carbon”.
With our  new generation of sports wheel comes the freedom of using a forged aluminium centre star.

The result: CARBOWHEEL®, has set a new level of standards and quality in the weight, strength and durability. The wheels have also passed the stringent testing of T.U.V.

CARBOWHEEL ist die Nr. 1